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Sustainable Habitat Improvement and Farm Training (SHIFT)

WUAC seeks to expand public knowledge of sustainable farming techniques that improve food and water security, focusing on growing great food, farms and farmers. Through Grower Education, the organization educates and recruits growers to become sustainable farmers.

Food Loss and Organics Waste Solutions (FLOWS)

Partnering with communities to develop closed-loop food-and-waste systems, or Community-Scale Composting Systems, focusing on handling organics at volumes above the scale of a single home and below the scale of an entire city.

Food Exposure and Nutritional Culinary Education (FENCE)

This program teaches the community about the relationship between people and Indigenous foods which supports the long- term health of our community. The program educates the community about indigenous foods, offers free cooking and nutrition classes, and free gardening education and resources.

Wonderland Innovation Sustainability Project (WISP)

STEAM education program through schools partnerships, designed for students in upper elementary through high school covering edible education, ecological models, and educational resources for sustainable living. Program designed to inspire youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.


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